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sábado, 12 de dezembro de 2015

[SA||2015]Tutorial: Exporting maps/models/objects from 3ds Max to San an...

Hey yo. I got aske for this tutorial so here it is. Showing you all the steps to get your model from 3ds Max to San andreas.

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  1. Only five minutes !! awesome! This tutorial.

  2. Thx for the tutorial it's the short tutorial video i ever seen xD

  3. @Ken @Ryosuke
    You're welcome guys.
    Yeah, i decided to make it short and go direclty to the point ,so the video would not be boring ^^
    Hope to help guys out there.

  4. Good tutorial brother! ;)
    Please add Boba Fett skin robe


  5. @Optimus
    Thank you my friend.
    Unfortunately, the model from BF3 doesn't have a cape. The guy who ripped the model, tried to get it but it got screwed for some reason.

  6. Hi.

    I've been creating models from sketch up and blender and exporting them for 3ds max, but when i convert them in dff or col the models got screwed.

    The sketch up models have a lot of collision bugs, invisible walls where they shouldn't be. Then i learned blender modeling, and the models worked better, but i still keep having collision problems. I found the .obj format can be the best format with the less probabilities of invisible walls. Until now i didn't take the effort to texture the models, only added a unique quick texture in 3ds max just for test the model. But when i decided to begin the texture in blender, and export for 3ds max, the dff conversion went totally screwed.

    Also, i converted this scenario http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/cs-747-66453.html but i got a lot of collision problems (i tried to create one unique dff of all the scenario).

    Why i'm having those problems? What am i doing wrong. I'm using 3ds max 2012, i think the kams script is from dec 2005.

  7. @yap
    Hi, how are you? :)
    Yeah,i have been working with collision files and all i can say is: It's annoying!I tried so many methods to get a .col file ( using 3ds max, blender , zmodeler) and the result is always a surprise,unknown!Most of time they're ok no bugs etc but sometime they're just like you have said ,like if there is a invisible wall etc.The file extension doesn't affect the result but the model itself. The russian guys are speciallist on SA engine, they always get perfect collisions but i never got help from them , unfortunatelly. So my advise is: try every single file you have to see the result. For ex:
    I tried once to port dust and dust 2 map extracted directly from CS1.6 and i had collision bugs. But there is a guy on gtainside that ported them and a few others maps from CS without any bug. I can't understand why since the file is the same , textures are the same and the .col properties are the same as mine.
    After that i tried to manually make meshes to replace the .col parts and they were still messed up.

  8. Thank you for your answer!

    I wanted to know if i was making a dumb mistake or something. Maybe is the collision conversor script that isn't perfect. It's made by fans after all. All i can think to avoid that problem is: 1- divide the model into several pieces. 2- Remake a soft-detailed model from the original (sometimes it's necessary because of the ladder surfaces, to replace them by a clean ramp) and make the collision from there.