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terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2016

[REL]Marvel Heroes Arachne

I really like this character so i ported to SA.


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  1. mais skins de dbz diego!!! e tenta trazer alguns posts em pt br XD

  2. This is awesoooome!!! Another spider totem for the collection :D
    Dude, I'm also starting to skin some characters in 3ds max last night. Thankfully I've successfully ported some existing dffs with mix and matched objects from different dffs. It looks great until my Superior Spider-Man model.

    It should be like this:

    But it became like this:

    What am I missing???

  3. Thnx4shring diego!!!!! n thnx 4 making bane 4 me!!!! if u dn't have models i will send'm for u from xnalara models!!!!! u will b my hero if mak'm XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I've found it!! I've set the weight of the tentacles to the spine. and it worked out :D


  5. @marcos vinicius
    Eu to sem os modelos aqui do dbz xenoverse, eu deletei sem querer. Só sobraram alguns, e como eu não tenho mais o jogo, acho que serão só eles.
    Eu não faço os posts em PTBR por que muita gente que acessa o blog não é br,então o inglês facilita a comunicação ^^

    @Robin paulo
    Really nice brother.Glad to see you got it working and nice to see you modding.That's a lot for the 1st tryin'.
    Most of theb bugs you see around are Weight problems. After you see where it should be(in your case, it was on spider's back so it should be spine 1 or spnie) you can solve a lot of them.

    @cris mad rox
    You're welcome dude.
    Can you share the link?I think i don't have it here.

  6. Ok diego!!!!! Here'r links for bane models :

    Plzzzzzz reply XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yeah, thankfully I've watched some youtube tuts on how did they put the weight on every vertices. Maybe this is just Beginner's luck :P

    Now I'm really confused on how do I start rigging ped. Should I put a mesh on a skeleton. all of the skeleton in my files have T pose, while my meshes has lower arms.

  8. @Cris mad rox
    I'll take a look at them to see if i can port when i come back for my break ^^

    @Robin Paulo
    Those tuts help a lot, i always take a look at them to see something new xD
    Oh about the pose, there's is a trick to that, i think i mentioned that on my tutorial , if i'm not wrong:
    You can rotate the bones from your model base(the one already rigged that you'll steal the rig/weights) but after that you need to export it and import it again. Because if you rotate/move the bones and try to steal the rig just after, the bones will go back to original positions messing it up.