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domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2016

[REL]Marvel Heroes X-23 (All new Wolverine)

Hey guys
Got this model ported from Marvel Heroes. I made 2 versions, with and without hair.


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  1. Eff yeaaaah, another marvel madness from you bro. :D This is Amazing!!

  2. And Here We Are On 2016 And You Still Making Mods For Our Game , EvenTough many Guys Are Intrested On Gta V But There Still A Lot Of Great Fans For Our Game Included You :)

    Those Are Really Cool Skins From One Of My Favorite Comics :)
    Good Job Diego , I Really Hope To See Some Great Projects From You This Year :)
    Keep It Up !!!

  3. @Paulo3d
    Eu já avisei a uns 4 meses atrás que não achei nenhum modelo 3d de um paramotor pra por no San andreas.

    @Robnin Paulo
    Thank you my frined, glad you like it.

    Thank you buddy!
    Nice to see you back around and bringing new mods!
    Stay around (Y)