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domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2016

[REL]Kingdom Hearts Donald Duck-Pato Donald and Goofy-Pateta Pack

I'm a huge fan of Dinsney's cartoons since i was kid. SA needed these guys so i ported them from KH 1 and KH2. I have also made a custom shirtless Donald Duck model hack.
I'll post more KH stuffs soon.


6 comentários:

  1. Oh nice mis personajes favoritos of Disney Donald member grove Street and Goofy A shop worker Riku please for android

    A question will skins GTA V is I want to see Marie Rose in GTA V

  2. Diego you can't make a mega ultra pack of nude female skins ? all girls of Dead Or Alive , pls i need the skin of ada wong naked,thanks u.u

  3. @lelcuentasagianps
    I'm glad you like it, dude ^^

    You're welcome brother
    Unfortunately i don't make mods to GTAV ;/

    thank you my friend :D

    I have doa 5 girls nude models here i just need more time to port them. I'll try to make a nude pack for this month.