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quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2016

[REL]Uncharted 3 Nathan Drake Desert Outfit (PS3 Model)

Rigged this model ported from ps3
Thanks to luxox18 for extracting the mod


3 comentários:

  1. Well Done Brother , It isn't Easy to extract a model from a PS3 game , Your Work is Impressive My Friend , I Am getting excited to make mods whenever i see your Works :)

    Keep it always Up !!!

  2. Good work on the rig man. Nice to see the actual PS3 model of Nathan Drake now. :)

  3. @Elpadrino
    Indeed my friend, it took Luxox18 some time to get the model exported by raw dump process. Glad you like the rig ^^

    Thank you brother, i'm glad you enjoy it and nice to see you around ^^