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sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2016

[REl]Batman Arkham Knight Batwing v1.0

Hey guys
I have been working hard on this mod for a while. It's the Batwing from Arkham Knight. It's a really Hight poly model so , don't use it if you have low end specs.
In this v1.0 there are reflections but they are not as i'd like so i'll make a v2.0 soon with better reflections.Also i made a cleo code to add those "jet" effects.


9 comentários:

  1. Oh man very good bro!
    This models belong to you?

  2. diego vc pode coloca esse modelo no gta >http://oofiloo.deviantart.com/art/FF2-MIO-517727240

  3. @Micael
    Valeu irmão (Y)

    THank you brother.
    No, it belogns to Warner Games bro. It's ripped by a russian guy and posted here.
    I just converted it to SA

    Posso dar uma olhda brother, se for possível eu porto sim

  4. Very well bro ;)
    Please do Darth Vader Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy

  5. Diego, tem como você converter o pack de skin do liu kang do mkx pro gta ? eu procuro e procuro, e só acho do 9 e daquele q tem o Super Homem

  6. @adrian

    @Optimus prime
    Thanks brother.
    I'll take a look at the link!

    Po cara eu acho que tenho os modelos aqui sim, vou dar uma olhada se eu tiver converto em breve.