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quarta-feira, 4 de julho de 2018

[REL]Mr Robot Elliot Alderson-Rami Malek

Just made this model hack, using Rami Malek model from PS4, based on his Mr Robot character.


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  1. Diego4fun, Your mod work is some of the best i've seen. Thank you for all your work. I'm wondering if you would consider allowing me to port Metal gear rising raiden skyrim mod over to xbox1? I will make the necessary changes to the files to work with skyrim se. You will always recieve full credit I know how much time and effort mods take. I have a request for the raiden mod in particular. If you want to port it that would be great too. The game is showing it's age but I wanted to bring back some of the best mods out there when players with serious talent were making them. Thanks for all your work again :)

  2. top de mais man :)

    faz skins dos outros personagens dessa série

  3. Ayyyyy nice work Diego!
    Can you btw reupload Lara Croft in Classic Outfit & Winter Outfit? the ones from 2011? please?
    Also can you make TR Chronicles' Catsuit Lara but swap her head with the one from Rise of The Tomb Raider?
    Here's a link for the catsuit model: https://www.deviantart.com/zayrcroft/art/TR5-FMV-Lara-Catsuit-DL-341639729

  4. @CJwestlake01
    Thank you brodar! I'm glad you like my mods :D
    Sure thing to ahead, i see no problem abou that. I can't do that for ya, cause i don't have the tools to make mods for Skyrim anymore :/ ,sorry.
    Good luck with your project ;)

    Valeu meu brodar!
    Vou tentar fazer sim o/

    Thank you brodar!
    I'll get the files to re-up them for ya. Also, i'll take a look at that to see if i can take your request.

  5. Diego4fun you made my day thank you so much. As I receive more requests I'm sure your name will come up again. May I upload other mods you have created for Skyrim as well or would you prefer that I ask? Either way is fine with me and I will always give you 100% credit. Thanks again.

  6. @cjwestlake01
    You are welcome ;)
    Sure thing, go ahead brodar , no needs to ask, go for it. It's good 'cause people out there will have a chance go get the models again since i lost most of them when i got my old hd broken.

    Thank you for doing this :)

  7. That reminds me, most of the links on loverslab are dead, did you happen to upload to other sites or know of a place I can download them? Sorry to hear about your harddrive.

  8. mano que foda tava procurando uma skin dele a um tempo já