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quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2018

[REL]DBXV2 Goku UI and MUI

Just porting the official MUI model from DBXV2 and i made a fast reskin to get UI.


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  1. Can you port this to Xbox One please?

  2. Or can I have permission to port it, I will credit you for this of course. So let me know if want or when you can. I just want to have more dragon ball mods to play with in Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox One.

  3. Hey there, Can you bring the skin of Jesse mccree from overwatch?

  4. https://www.deviantart.com/diegoforfun/art/Xps-Xnalara-DBXV2-Broly-SSJ4-756074093

  5. @jon21

    Hey brodar!
    I don't have pete model here, unfortunately :(

    Sure brodar, go ahead. I see no problem about that!
    Feel free to port any of my mods :D
    Good luck

    I can give it a try, brodar. I'll search for the model first.

    I'll port that one soon but i have already ported a ssj4 version for Broly.