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sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2012

[REL]Female Pack 19

Hey guys!
I finally got it finished!!!!
My newest Female Pack!!! You'll find inside the pack:

Angie from Granado Espada

Jill on Excella's Red Dress from Resident Evil 5

Maria from Silent Hill 2

Heather from Silent Hill 3


I put a lot of work on this pack, so if you like it, leave a comment for more.
The reason? you guys know: Cause GTA needs more boobs

12 comentários:

  1. Oh i thought u had rigged the model i sent you

  2. AWWWWW YEAH!!!!! :freddiemercury: awesome as always man :DD

  3. OOh yeah, this is so awesome. And sure, GTA needs more boobs HAHAH. Love your work man, keep it up. If you'd get money for every MOD you do, you'd be millionaire

  4. Finnaly you've rigged my request! Thanks a lot!!!! love you pal!

  5. @Wew
    what model bro?

    thank you broder xD

    hahahah thank you dude i'm really glad you enjoy it ^^
    see ya!

    xD you are welcome my friend!!1 glad you like it!!

  6. Jill on Excella's Red Dress is awesome dude... love it

    Could u create ped skin from my hot neighbours... ? lol

  7. Amigo, você poderia converter o James do Silent Hill 2 para mim?

    Também o Harry Mason do Shattered Memories e o Travis Grady do Origins?

  8. Diego i was wondering if u could port Hroki from Skyrim in your next female pack??? pls??

  9. @jay
    thank u broder i'm glad u liek it. hahah i think i cant bro cause i dont know how to make a entire model only hacking them and convering an exisitng one

    e ae broder eu nao sei se tenho esses models, vou da uma olhada se tiver eu ponho na lista.

    i think i can bro xD i'll look for her files

  10. Ai cara Faz a skin da Asuka_Kazama do Tekken por favor vlw com a roupa azul normal vlw

  11. hey friend,make hether skin pack whithe more clothes
    sorry for my bad english
    hey amigo,podrias aser un skinpack de heather? con mas trajes xD
    seria genial