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sexta-feira, 9 de março de 2012

[REL]Modern Warfare 3 Prague Civil 6

Hello everybody !
One more model from MW3!I'd release it on monday but i decided to do it today!


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  1. Please convert the russian daughter from mw3 and grinch with gas mask pleaseeeee :) would be great!

  2. @nacho
    I'll put it on the project list bro xD

    1. Allright , i hope don't disturb you much x'D Thanks for patience!

  3. diego if u dont have the game i know where u can get the model but she has already been rigged to gta sa...but really badly, would u be able to edit her to make her look better? http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=420659 thats the link, click to download the gta IV peds to sa, unfortunately the folders containging the models isnt name it just has a number but i will tell u what the number is,GF_3, please can u fix her to the skeleton a little better? the model isnt bugged it just looks really weird.

  4. Diego! por favor coloca o Pack de peds do Vice city !!

  5. @nacho
    U're welcome bro. And relax bro xD u dont disturb =D

    okay man gonna check the model on 3ds to see if i can fix that =D

    hey man =D devo posta os 2 peds que falei que ia posta essa semana, hj a noite. pq tive um atraso com o mapa do tenchu que me tomou tempo. Ate umas 8 horas eu devo posta os 2 prontos ja!

  6. @cetarchariman
    foi mal bro tive um atrado tremendo com um problema do mapa do tenchu. hj a noite eu posto os 2 peds la do vc xD

  7. Hey Diego, nice mods! :D Uhh can you make one more prague civil?
    The one with the handbag and hoody? Thanks! :P