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quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2012

[REL]Ricardo Diaz From Vice City To San Andreas

Hey yo guys
got this model requested so here it's!
Now on San andreas!


8 comentários:

  1. hello, sorry but you can make a skin of pan from dragon ball gt thanks. :)

  2. @skullener96
    i can bro but i'll release trunks and goku before.
    than i can work on more dbz models

  3. Dude if i send you the model again , could you convert it for sa again? i'll send you the files to your e-mail ;)

  4. Hi Diego, first of all congratulate you on your work xD I love your effort, came to ask the skin ranging from teen gohan of dragon ball ranging blast, with its transformations if possible, thanks in advance

  5. @nacho
    oh thank u bro i received it. I'll work on it when i get some time!

    thank u my friend =D
    Do you want the cleo trasformation, is it?

    1. Teen Gohan, and SS and SS2, dragon ball raging blast, if you can provide would greatly appreciate it, is that before I explain well, sorry for my bad English xD

  6. @Koichi
    oh i got it.
    I'll finish Trunks first than i'll finish goku!
    After that i can start workin on Teen Gohan ^^

    1. Ohh Trunks¡ *-* Okey Very very thanks...You better seriously,Many will have to be like you to helpful xD