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sexta-feira, 8 de junho de 2012

[REL]Batman Begins Morgan Freeman

Hey guys!
This is the almighty, Morgan Freeman!

Me(Diego4fun) for convertin' it to san andreas
Fixer For ripping the model

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  1. Oo Legal!agora,(após horas de revolta por nenhuma notícia do GTA5 na E3)põe o link dakele sniper ali>>> please...por favor...Diegoooo

  2. hello, I am new to blogger. (I made this account just about a few hours ago.) anyway, I have known your blog for a while now and I was thinking, can you rig the metrocop/CP in hl2 into gt sa? or better yet, make an HL2 mod pack. with eli, alyx(using your old mod)gordon, kleiner and barney and others. just saying.
    oh, and I like your mods very much :D

  3. @pardal_Sk8
    xD heheheh pode cre na espera de noticias do gta5 tbm!!!
    SNiper na area! enjoy!

    hey bro =D welcome to blogger!
    I can do that bro, but there's a pack already made for san andreas with all those models you requested from HL2. You can find it on MODDB, if the link is off, i can converted them with a better rig,cause the rig was not that good.
    And thank you too =D i'm glad you enjoy my mods!
    keep around!

  4. Hey Bro.... all of your mods is off/deleted/invalid at Mediafire

  5. ola diego!!! seus skins são um espetaculo!!!! Faz um do Christian bale como bruce wayne agora e o GTA Vai ficar show!!!!