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sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2012

[REL]Maxpayne 3 Max Payne

Hey yo guys!
Here's the first model that i've converted from Max Payne 3!
I didnt edit his hand to be close, but you can live with that!

Me(Diego4fun) for convertin' it to san andreas
Fixer For ripping the model

12 comentários:

  1. great as usual... keep rigging bro...
    worth to collect

  2. Ae cara to com um problema aqui algumas skins (não são todas) que eu tenho ficam com o rosto bugado nas cutscenes você sabe de algum programa que indireite isso?

    Cara tem umas skins na net do dante e do vergil do DMC3 de ps2 você pode editalas botar o cabelo do dante no vegil pra ficar igual aquela parte da chuva do jogo?

    Vlw cara a skin ta muito show gostei muito.

  3. amazing :D

    i can rig for gta iv? please :D

  4. yaaay Max Payne =D
    Yes i can live with that bro ;)

  5. @joao victor
    valeuzao meu brother \o/

    @seejay seaman
    thank u my friend i'm glad you enjoy it!

    hahahah i said about that hand xD

    tipo essa skins ficam bugadas msm na cutscene bro, pq eles nao sao playermodels sao peds sabe. tem uma jeito de conserta sim so que nao lembro como, acho que tem que adicionar os arquivos dos peds(ex: bmost.dff bmost.txd) no player.img

    thank you brother =D and sure bro go ahead there's no problem for me if you rig it for gta4

    hahahah thank u my friend i'm glad you live with "dathand" heheheh

  6. in gta iv :D
    some bugs :(

  7. Wow! Amazing! Are u going to convert the other MP (bald, with suit, NY...)?
    It would be amazing to see this converted to GTAIV with your high quality.
    BTW do u have the MOH (2010) models in obj or maya format? Id love to rig em for COD4.
    Thanks for ur great work!

  8. Good job men

    I can convert to Player Model?

    Please :)

  9. @cacho98
    oh what a pitty bro =\
    but it looks good so far! may be you can fix it \o/
    i can't help you cause i know nothing about convertion to gta4

    @calor florit
    thank you borther =D glad yo like it.
    Sure i'm planin' to port more models form MP3. Fixer is workin on the rip process. We'll have more models soon!
    about the MOH i dont have them anymore =\ i deleted as soon as i got it done to san andreas. but you can use those that i converted ( you just need the dff importer)
    see ya bro

    @gran master
    Thank you man =D
    Sure bro go ahead =D there's no problem for me!
    Just credit Fixer for his work(he ripped the model)