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segunda-feira, 25 de junho de 2012

[REL]SFxTk Asuka kazama

Hey yo guys!
I was thinking about convert Asuka from Tekken6 but i found her from SFxTk and it'd be easier to convert cause it doesnt use tons of textures!So here she's!


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  1. Awesome model diego bro. can you make one nude model of her

  2. hey men, you have great talent, can you make cj replacer like in blackstallion's mod ? but more clothes,jeans,shorts,caps,shades, and most of all shoes ! men i really love to see that........ great work sir.......

  3. Hey diego you can make some mod of Leila Sharpe de Gta: ' The Lost and damned ' I love your mod all my mods of Gta SA are of your blog :3 Please or also you can raise a park of women's skins but in bikini, it would be brilliant :D

  4. @viraj
    thank brother =D
    i can try a nude hack for the next female nude pack!

    hey bro =D thank you!
    It's possible bro but , i dont have the free time that this project would takes =\
    I can try to make a new player model replacement to use the clothes shoes etc from the game itself.

    thak you brother glad you like my mods =D
    about your request i dont have that model unfortunately =\
    but i'll see if fixer or some friends have it to extract it for me =D
    see ya

  5. Thanks for diego reads my opinion thanks for taking in account:3 I will feel very happy if I see some day in your blog the mod of Leila Sharp:D

  6. thanks for the reply............it would be awesome if you do that , i mean the clothes and shoes etc... god bless .! the reason why i like a new cj is that the old cj doesnt fit the world color of my gta sa modded.......thanks man

  7. The link is dead,my friend. D:

    Please re-upload