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sábado, 12 de janeiro de 2013

[REL]Castlevania Lord of Shadow Gabriel Belmont

Hey yo guys I'm back after a good break to enjoy the new year holiday!!!!
So, let get back to business!!!
This is my first post on 2k13 so i'll post a model that i really like!!
So here he's!Gabriel Belmont!
Enjoy it


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  1. Oh, bro! I`m waiting your post! Thank you! I`m always appriciate!

  2. BTW, diego. I requested Claire Redfield nightgown and Ada Wong bikini in few weeks ago. And you converted Ada Wong bikini. I`m so appreciated about that.

    but... Claire Redfield nightgown costume still didn`t converted! T_T I waited for a few weeks, but I couldn't accept claire redfield nightgown post... I think you forgot converting claire redfield nightgown costume.

    So... I have a request to make of you again...

    Claire Redfield nightgown

    This links are XNALara models FILE! not screenshot... And need her converted to GTA SA! T_T

  3. @mei arisa
    You're welcome my friend!I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    Oh sure, i'll work on claire nightown, i was about to do that before i went out on vacation but i got busy with new year holliday stuffs.But i'll work on her for sure!

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  5. @Diego4Fun
    Oh, I`m so appriciate your saying! I`ll waiting your claire nightgown thread! Thanks, bro! T_T

  6. Thanks a lot for hering my request bro!i love you(no homo)!