Original models from Infinity Ward,Capcom,Electronics Arts, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Treyarch,Xnalara and tombraider forums Users(rexil,Oocrofty,fullmon etc)Valve,Gmod and all developers that have created those models! I don't own any credits for those models!!!!

segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2014

[CLEO4/REL]Dragon Ball Total Mod

Hey guys
After a long time working hard on this mod ,i have finally finished the v1.0 playable version!
I'm a huge fan of Dragon Ball series (specially DBZ) and i decided to make a tribute to the best anime ever!
I read and watched thousands of tutorials/videos /websites to learn about cleo coding only because of i wanted to make this mod!It's not the final version yet, i didn't have time to finish the whole script , then i'm posting this v1.0 that many asked but i managed to add more things than you can see in the video( Like Goku SSJ God . bigger geki dama etc).I packed goku's brazilian voice but you can easily rip and replace the sounds. You just need to use the same name that i have used and replace them!
I'll keep working on this mod , to add more stuffs like kamehameha and others skills!
Using this mod you'll be able to:

Press g+1 = transform Goku
Press g+2 = transform Goku SSJ2
Press g+3 = transform Goku SSJ3
Press g+4 = transform Goku SSJ4
Press g+5 = Drabon Balls will appear and summon Porunga. Press g+5 again to get a wish and transform Goku SSJ5( Only do that when you are at Kami Lookout)
Press g+6 = transform Goku SSJ GOD
Press R+Right Mouse Button = Energy Ball
Press G+Right Mouse Button = Powerfull Energy Ball
Press TAB+G = Teleport to Kami Lookout
Press g+8 = Goku says "Hi, i'm goku"
Press g+0 = Genki Dama/Spirit Bomb

Be sure to use CLEO 4 , otherwise you'll get crashes because i compiled it with those cleo 4 new opcodes!
Also you MUST use gta map limit adjuster.asi becase this mod add Kami Lookout to the game and the particle effects that i have packed. Don't worry about that, i packed the asi files, you jus need to extract it in your San Andreas main directory(where you have gtasa.exe) and replace the effects files.
This mod was tested over and over again without any errors/issues!So if you have crashes you did something wrong!

All models,animations,maps,sounds and textures you see in this pack, was extracted, created,ported, rigged by me!!!!


If you liked it, leave a comment! I put a lot of work on this mod!

41 comentários:

  1. thanks diego we waited long time but this mod is very goood

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  2. diego your mod crash i want to be goku game crash and if i want go ssj game crash too make new version please!!!

  3. Fala Diego, quanto tempo hehe, tinha dado uma parada por causa do colegio que ta com muito trabalho e tals, mas voltei a jogar gta e como sempre seus trabalhos estão impecaveis e muito variados hehe e otimo mod =D. Voce poderia converter os golds, os renegados e bronze boys com as kamui do Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers ? já volto te atentando né Diego ? hehe, mas como sempre fica a seu criterio querer ou não, flw e otimos mods =D

  4. Diego congratulation for this mod.You have put a lot of work for this mod.Its just amazing.I have my pc back and i use use falsworth.Its very good but is there a way to change a little bit the hands because there are full open and when i shot its a little bit strange.Thank you again for all your models and mods!!!!!!!!!

  5. @deniz Dmr
    You're welcome dude, i'm glad you like it!

    @larisky namikaze
    May be you are using one cleo mod that makes conflict with mines. Try it again , then, check if you are using others map mods. If you do, you need t add Kami's Lookout manually to avoid problems.

    E ae cara, quanto tempo!!!
    Fico feliz que ainda curta meu trabalho e de ver vc por aqui!
    Infelizmente eu não tenho esses models do brave soldiers =\ mas se eu arrumr aqui eu converto sem falta.
    Flw brother fica na paz!

    @constanzo fan
    Thank you dude, i'm glad you like it! It's good to see a mod after a long time working hard on it.Nice to hear that you get your pc fixed also!
    About the hands, i can't do anything about , unfortunately =\ because the model i got , has no bones and it came in that pose ( hands). So change it, i'd need the fingers and hands default bones =\

  6. How I can install it? I can't, because after install when I started the game it crashed. What should I do?

  7. i cant install it in my game. i downloaded all the files. plz gimme the installation process. plz email it to me. email: anrrudh@gmail.com

  8. hi my game i instal the zip fies in gta properly as told but when game is loading it come something has caused gta to stop working help plz

  9. how install this mod? my email kamilo2610@gmail.com

  10. i get the same as Braeden, properly installed but crash at loading screen, i am not expert but quite a know-it-all (in a good way 'course) and i'm pretty sure that is either the map is corrupted or that maplimit thingy is working right
    or better saying
    to co' mesmo de Braeden instalei tudo certo + trava qando carrega, num so' nei' um geniu' + talves um sabitudo (d'um jeitu' bom, claro) e axo' q ou o mapa 'ta corropido ou 'aqela' trosso de maplimit nuim' ta funfando >>

  11. Hello Deigo i'am your true fans since last year all your mod + skin are awesome
    I'am from Indonesia .. Hope you will post more boobs hahah ><

  12. Hi Diego I like your mod but i must say something to you. First i install this mod when i have no other mods in my GTA games and the game crashed. Second Please release them with the japanese or englsih voice. And if you want, can you make the genkidama for me? I like the genkidama very much. Thanks I'm Indonesian. DBZ will still the best forever after

  13. i like your mod pls make mod dbz again plssss :)

  14. i like your mod pls make mod dbz again plssss :)

  15. diego please can u send the instruction how to put this mod in Gta Sa please my email is boudie001honestyboy@yahoo.com thx

  16. hi, why i cant transform ?? pls help me

  17. re upload limit adjuster please its not working
    upload it in mediafire

  18. porque só quer baixar esse sandd4fndbmod.rar. É esse o mod.

  19. Cara tu é br? eu gostei muito desse mod,eu queria pedir se tem como voce fazer uma seilá pack de mods leves,flw

  20. Bro, does take in notebook: Windows 10

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  22. Thanks for the mod please make a ninja turtles mod for me all characters and powers thankyou