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domingo, 27 de julho de 2014

[MAP]Grid 2 Garage Map Mod 2014

Hey guys
After a long time working on this map mod, i have finally finished!!
It's a totally new garage mod to SA, with HQ props in there. I have found a good location to place it merging the map to SA style.
Thanks to Ashley for testing it, for the easy way to install( She made the img and the custom ipl and ide files) and for the video!



Always use my map mods with Map Limit Adjuster, otherwise you'll get crashes

This map was tested over and over again without crashes. So if you are getting issues to install. look for a tutirial teaching how you can do that.Make sure to backup your files first!

Diego4fun for porting,creating textures, COL and Map files
Ashley(Ashley's blog) for making the custom map files, the custom img and the video.

12 comentários:

  1. Oi Parceiro, ainda te lembras de mim?
    eu fiz um track de motocross, mas não consigo colocar no gta, podias me ajudar?
    e acerca da tal track de motocross que ias converter, como está? xD

  2. Thanks for this garage mod.

    About GTA, you saw spiderman mod to GTA IV???
    Please look this video:

    You can please convert spiderman skins to GTA IV?

  3. @kango
    you're welcome dude.
    Oh , that's a nice mod! But unfortunately i don't make mods to GTA IV =\

  4. Dude. Can you put a Cleo that saves a car there?? that garage is awesome By the way :D

  5. You can be installed with modloader?

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  8. cara tem como atualizar ela e colocar pelo menos um elevador ??