Original models from Infinity Ward,Capcom,Electronics Arts, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Treyarch,Xnalara and tombraider forums Users(rexil,Oocrofty,fullmon etc)Valve,Gmod and all developers that have created those models! I don't own any credits for those models!!!!

quinta-feira, 3 de julho de 2014

[WIP]Model that i've been working on!

Dead Or Alive 5 Ryu True Fighter

Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Ayane Intimate

Dead Or Alive 5 Kasumi Sailor

Dead Or Alive 5 Kasumi Intimate

Dead Or Alive 5 Hitomi Pop Idol(custom model hack that i have made by myself)

Dead Or ALive 5 Ultimate Rachel

Dead Or Alive 5 Christie Casual With Jacket

Dead Or Alive 5 Lei Fang Bunny

Dead Or ALive 5 Tina Cowgirl with Pants

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Mary Rose Bikini Mod

Dead or Alive 5  Pai Chan Bikini

Dead Or Alive 5 Christie Cop Woman

Samurai Warriors 4 Kai
Dynasty Warriors 8 Diao Chan CheongsamDLC
Warriors Orochi 3 Lu bu

Dynasty Warriors 7 Lian Shi
Marvel Heroes Hulk Classic
Marvel Heroes Hulk Avengers
Resident Evil 6 Helena Harper Dress

18 comentários:

  1. I like your new style to inform us for what are you working on!!!!

  2. Tava faltando o Hulk na minha coleção vey!

  3. hey diego, its me axel from gtasaclothing. well i wanted to tell you that i learned to extract models from gta V... and i wanted to ask you if you are interested/want some models to convert ?

  4. @costanzo fan
    Thanks dude, this is a good way to keep you guys up to date with my works xD

    Thank you dude, i'll start post them tomorrow!

    @junior wlad
    Pode cre brother, so tinha achado hulk mal rigado ate agora. E to fazendo um script cleo pro hulk, vem coisa boa por ae!Logo postarei um video preview!

    Hey dude , i answered you there, check out your comments later.
    Thanks a lot so far!

  5. nossa cara que atentado essa Cristie em ambas versões :3.

    Bernardo Barlera os mods são WIPS ainda estão em fase ''BETA''.
    Bernardo Barlera the mods are WIP Versions not ready yet ''BETA'' stage.

  6. I had Ryu Hayabusa pack cursed hand 3 levels and Regent of the mask 2 versions masked and unmasked :D
    do you want to rig?

  7. @berbando barlera
    Thank you dude. I'll post all of those models, actually i have already released one.

    XD curto mt a cristie bro, vou posta-la em breve e converterei as outras versões tbm.

    @van dang ngo
    Hey dude! That'd be awesome. Can you upload it and send me the link?
    I'd really appreciate it.

    1. how to contact with you? diego?
      what is your deviantart account? I can't share that models on public :D

  8. @van dang ngo
    Hey man
    My devian account is "diegoforfun"
    Thank you so far :)

    1. I sent them for you on your Deviantart account :D

  9. link the skin Dead Or ALive 5 Tina Cowgirl with Pants?:c xd

  10. hey man when will you release your awesome mod? I can't wait to have them=))

  11. diao chan dw8 skin for gta sa please.....

  12. heyyyyy.. where link for download skin mod "Dynasty Warriors 8 Diao Chan CheongsamDLC" ????
    please share link for download skin "Dynasty Warriors 8 Diao Chan CheongsamDLC" !!!!