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sábado, 10 de outubro de 2015

[REL]Metal Gear Solid V TPP Quiet Lingerie

Hey guys
Just finished this small pack. There're 4 different models inside.

Thanks to Methelina for ripping the original model. The others 3 custom made by me

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  1. An Other Great Character From MGS , Thank You Very Much For Your Efforts To Extract Models From A Huge Game Like MGS V, You Are Always The Best Dude !!!

  2. Awesome release, Diego.She surely looks great.
    Amazing work, my friend.

  3. Nice quality of MGS V girl. Diego are those default SA anims??

  4. Hi, I just want to ask if you could port this to GTA SA?


  5. @elpadrino
    You're welcome my friend. I'm glad you like it.

    @Fei yak
    Thank you buddy ^^ Nice to see you enjoyin' the skin ^^

    Thank you dude ^^
    No, i don't. Those are all vanilla (default) anims. ^^

    @robin paulo
    Hey dude.
    I"ll take a look at the page to see if i can get the model

    1. Thank you so much for replyin' Sir! :D

      That model is in XPS format but does have it's texture. ^_^