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sábado, 31 de outubro de 2015

[REL]MSf Custom Soldier

Hey guys
Got this model requested from GMOD , a while back. So here it's.


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  1. Hello sir, can you do this too? She's Spider-Gwen http://www.mediafire.com/download/0k0exu3gn122vu6/SpiderGwen.zip

  2. diego que dia vc vai postar o goku que eu te pedi?

  3. Super Like Dude Diego.. Please for-see CS Go Skins.

  4. @robin paulo
    Hey dude
    I'll take a look at the file to see if i'm able to port.

    @fan de gta
    E ae brother, eu postei ele ja meu camarada.

    Thank you dude . I'll post more cs go and cs onlines models soon. i got a bunch of them.

  5. Thanks for replying Sir, the model is in OBJ format and has textures. I'm looking forward to see it from you :D

  6. @Robin Paulo
    You're welcome dude. Oh no problem about that, if it's in a bad position , i have another one with original bones. Is the one from Marvel Heroes game, right?

  7. @Sir Diego
    Yeah But I think the model and texture of this one (from Marvel Contest of the Champions) is prettier and accurate to the comics than the MH game,

  8. @Robin
    Oh didn't know that gonna check up your link to see what's the model pose but i think i won't have any major problems to port ^^

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