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terça-feira, 20 de outubro de 2015

[REL]Tera Online Elin Pack

Hey guys
I got 4 models requested a long time ago ( it seems to be almost a year back) but i didn't get the models to port them. So, yesterday the guys sent me the models and i finally made them all to SA, in a single pack.


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  1. I Liked This Work , they Looks Pretty And Even Funny , I Liked The Second Girl , She Has A Long Legs , But She Looks Like A child :)

    An Other Great Work Of Yours Diego !! Thank you Brother !!!

  2. @Elpadrino
    You're welcome my friend.
    Indeed, they're kind of a adult/kidish race. Like elfs , something like that xD

  3. Are they Anime related Girls. BTW Good job diego

  4. @xxhind_hawkxx
    Thank you dude!!I don't know if there's a Tera online anime, but surelly they got inspired by those animes , it's a oriental game you know?

  5. This are from an online game i hope we can have more elin on gta sa because thats my favorite race.
    By the way this doent have an anime.
    And in here you can find all the models

  6. Could you make me this one i requested this to you around 3 months but you said you couldnt make those at that time.
    Elin Nurse
    Elin Maid
    If you can make the 2 it would be wonderfull,but if you can make one i would choose the elin nurse.
    Keep the good work