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domingo, 26 de fevereiro de 2012

[REL]Dead Island Sam B

Hey yo guys!i'm officially back!!!!!
I just finished this model that Fixer sent me a few minutes ago!
Totally fits on SA atmosphere! xD

If you like it, leave a comment!!!
Me(Diego4fun) for convertin' it to san andreas
Fixer For ripping the model

13 comentários:

  1. Hello Bro. Do not get help as soon as possible models of the Medal of Honor Airborn.

  2. @ranjith
    thank you my friend xD i'm glad you like it!

    Dind't get it bro. Do you wanna help on MOH airbon models?

  3. diego do u know when the female pack will be released? D:

  4. with all your nigga skins,i can made an True Crime New York City mod

  5. Thanks! Diego! How do you make high quality model?! I`m so suprised!

  6. fuck yea B)
    ive been playing Dead Island with my friend for awhile on my PS3 and my fav char was Sam B and the Chinese girl.
    epic bro, keep up the good work. imma use this for awhile :D

  7. @WeW
    I think i'll release the next female pack on this weeekend bro.

    hahahah that's an a good ideia!

    Thank you my friend i'm glad you enjoy it!!!!

    thank you my friend i'm really glad you enjoy it!
    I'll port more models from Dead Island soon xD

  8. cara você consegue fazer ele

    o de boina vermelha, com roupa informal?

    agradeço desde já

  9. @clubdejogos
    acho que consigo sim meu broder.
    Eu ja riggei ele com a roupa da foto no meu battery online russian pack. Vou ver se da pra extrai só a cabeça. Voce tem algum modelo de corpo informal em mente? de terno etc?

    1. @Diego4Fun

      sim meu chapa, com um smoking ficaria muito massa

      abraço, voce é genial

    2. outra ideia seria um visual parecido com esse :