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sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2012

[REL]Wolfestein:Return To The Castle Venom Troopers

Hey yo guys
Finally i'm releasing these models that i've been workin on!!!
Venom troopers from Wolfestein Return To The Castle!!!!
I love gasmask models so i made 3 versions !!!

Venom Trooper 1

Venom Trooper 2

Venom Trooper 3

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11 comentários:

  1. cara tem como vc fazer as armas do dead rising 2 tipo o taco de baseball comum , a serra eletrica , o taco de golfe, a espada e entre outras?

  2. nice, please can you tell me when teh next female skin pack is coming out, the one with fiona? i know im pestering im sorry, but i am so desperate :( also have u ever rigged anythnig from Heavy Rain?

  3. @alex puffy
    thank you my friend!I'm glad u enjoy it!

    ate tem mas o meu dvd rom nao ta lendo meu dvd do dead rising 2 =\
    vou ter q compra um novo! ate la nao da!

    hey man! i forgot ur request =S is taht jill in sports?

    thank u broder! i'll post the female pack today but fiona will not be included =\
    Cause the model lost the uv mapping =\ and i don't know how to edit to fix it! the model is already rigged i just need to fix the uv mapping =\

    thank you broder

    from wolfestein bro?

  4. @nachopostrana21
    i don't remember the others one bro tell me again that i'll put them on the project list!

    oh sure i do have those models xD gonan convert them soon