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segunda-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2012

[REL]Tekken 6 Bryan Fury

Hey guys xD
This is my newest model converted from tekken 6!
Bryan fury that crazy soldier guy xD
Enjoy it!

I put a lot of work on this model so if you like it, leave a comment!

10 comentários:

  1. wow nice, you can crate minecraft usher ravenge skin for gta san andreas?

  2. this weekend coming? :( but its my birthday today lol

  3. Eae Diego, blz ? como passou o carnaval ? hehe, ei cara, tenho umas dicas pra seu proximo Female Pack XD

    vou sitar umas divas que se voce quiser add no seu proximo pack =D
    Sophitia Alexandra (Soul Calibur)
    Lili Rockefort (Tekken)
    Bonne Jenet (The King of Fighters)
    Nina Willians (Tekken)

    Bem essas são algumas que se voce quiser pode add no seu Pack


    Tai o link do site que elegeu as 100 mais gatas dos games, se voce quiser usar como referencia pra os proximos Packs hehe XD. Abraços e flw

  4. @stifmaister
    thank you bro. About the minecraft i dont know , i need to findo the model first cause i think i don't have it.

    yeah bro only on weekend or so. cause i didn't worked in all models yet.

    e ae meu broder. beleza sim e com vc? Carnaval foi show xD hehehhehehe
    Curti muito as suas dicas, mas a sophitia eu acho q o yuwni ja convertou pro gta. A lili eu converti a versao wedding vou ver se converto o resto. A jennet eu acho que tenho o model 3d aqui. A Nina eu tenhu ripado 1 costume só pq da trabalho ripar os models do tekken 6 =\ Mas vou anotar elas pra por no outro female pack, pq esse proximo ja ta quase fechado so falta terminar 1 model xD
    grande abraço bro e valeu pelas dicas!

  5. Wow! What a high quality! Thanks, Diego! And I hope to meet Tifa Lockhart or Stella Police Outfit on this weekend! Hehehe...

  6. Fuck ... I love this skin
    I'll make you a question if it is not much to ask

    Could you make the skin of Jin Kazama in civilian attire?

    Just as in this picture


    Great job Diego

  7. @Wow
    heheheh done bro xD
    I'll look for stella police outfit cause i don't have it anymore =\

    i think i can bro
    It'll take some time cause it's a pain in the £¹¢¬ to rip models from tekken xD

  8. hey can you please make the anna williams (tekken) for SA? If you don't have time please pass em the extracted files, then I'll convert on myself

  9. @marty mcfly
    i think i can bro, but i need time to extract her, cause the method to extract files from tekken 6 is a pain in the ¹¢¢¬.

  10. please convert kazuya from tekken 6 with purple suit