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quarta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2013

[REL]DmC:Devil May Cry Kat

Hey guys!
Here's my mod, from the new DmC game: Kat!
Enjoy it


6 comentários:

  1. Oh, What a high quality model! Thanks, my bro!

  2. OMG! This skin is awesome! Thank u so much!
    Gta need more beauty skins of womans *U*
    Ur work are so amazing! U can make a skin of PSY or Alice of Alice madness returns with
    clothes? please? please? please?¿ :DD :3
    Thanks again, Greetings!

  3. Po cara maneiro pra caramba adoro quando tu faz skin da capcom, tem como você fazer do Vergil desse DmC e aquele que eu te pedi faz um tempo já do Vergil do DMC3 de cabelo pra baixo igual da luta que ele teve com Dante na chuva em Devil may cry 3.


    btw, can you make Dante from the same game?

    Thanks! ^_^

  5. @Mei arisa
    You' re welcome brother,this model is really cool, indeed.
    i'm glad you like it! ^^

    @Mapty velasques
    Hey girl, nice to see you're still around.
    You're welcome, i'm glad you like it!
    Indeeed, hehhehe gta needs more women xD
    About psy, you mean, that singer? cause i dont have his model here unfortunately =\
    But Alice i do have. I can put her on my project list!
    Greetings from Brazil, see ya around.

    Valeuzao meu camarada,que bom que tenha curtido.
    Sobre o vergil, o amigo aqui Julio,converteu ja o model.
    Da uma conferida no blog dele, ta aqui na lista dos blogs amigos do lado direito.
    Sobre o dante com cabelo pra baixo , vai ser dificil cara pq nao achei ainda um cabelo parecido soh o do Leon Re4.

    Thank you man i'm glad you enjoyed it.
    Sure i'll make a version without cape, wearing tshit. Cause Martin converted the one wearing cape, check out his blog to download link:

  6. Hello mate,GREAT SKIN! REALLY GREAT! I really like those screens,so I decided to put it in my game...Theres a problem. My game freezes whenever I select it...It doesnt even switch to it...Just freezes....Please help! :) Thanks in advance,love your skins!!! <3