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segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2013

[REL]Resident Evil Claire Nightgown

Hey guys!
I got this model requested a few months ago, so finally i got it done.


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  1. AHHHHHHHHH! This is it! It`s PERFECT! my bro, diego!
    I`m so appriciate your thread! T_T
    You've got a shrewd head on your shoulders, and you're proud of GTA SA modeler! Best of luck to you. Thank you so much, my bro!

  2. @yoshimaster
    thank you man, i'm glad you like it!

    i was online yesterday night but i didnt see you there!

    @mei arisa
    THank you my friend for your kind words!
    I'm really glad that you enjoyed this model you requested :D
    Keep around! :D

  3. Man, sorry for commenting here, but I made a BF3 skin and it is humped. I know it may sounds noobish, but is it possible to rotate the back bone without rotating the mesh?

  4. @josue valladares herrera
    Just a little bit brother, i'm not that good speaking spanish.

    @gheciu dragos
    Hey bro, There's no problem to comment here =)
    But unfortunately there's no (that i know) to rotate bones without moving meshes.You could try rotate it atached to mesh, than export to dff. Import it delete all bones and keep the mode and import it again. You'd have your model(boneless) and your model with bones(the one you rotated).Now the back bone is on the position you wanna, than you just need to atach the one with bones to the boneless one and delete the first one.

    1. Yeah.. Actually I did that after I posted your comment, and it is a possibility to rotate the bone without mesh, by removing bones. But I don't think that's recommended because you gotta set the missing vertices back to the bone..

  5. Ok no problem, just wanted to know, well just wanted to ask you something, you could make the skins of the characters in GTA 4 (TLAD and TBOGT) and L4D (1 and 2), I tried to find all the pages and blogs, but almost nothing comes, you could make them, I would not mind if you take too, I can wait.
    Just one more thing, do you plan to do the skins for The Last of Us?

  6. @Josue
    I think most of GTA4 models are converted to SA bro, i remember i saw them on a russian website, i'll see if i find the adress and i'll post here for ya and the same for L4D. I think i made 2 models from l4d2 that i posted here on my blog.
    About last of us, i dont know yet, we need to wait to see if there'll be a extractor tool.