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sábado, 19 de janeiro de 2013

[REL]Mass Effect 3 Liara Alt Armor

Hey guys
I rigged this mode a few days ago, so here she's!
Liara Alt armo from ME3.


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  1. Thank you Diego, for another amazing rig!

  2. Would Morinth or the Asari Councilor be a possibility, or do you require the models (Assuming you don't have the games)?

  3. Diego your mods are great,tahnk you.Can you make you Miranda with her first outfit from Mass Effect 2.I love Miranda <3 And diego i couldnt be able to download the storm in the female pack,i was unable to download.Diego i want that storm and can you also make Rogue from X-Men.Please Diego i love Rogue,Storm,Miranda <3

  4. Fala Diegooo ja viu?


  5. @maryse
    Thank you man, i'm glad you like it! I'd need the model bro cause i dont have the game =\

    Thank you man! I'm glad you like it!
    I think i had already posted Miranda, on a ME pack.
    I'll check the Storm to see if there's something wrong!
    See ya bro

    @gta sa production italo
    e ae meu camarada!
    Nao vi ainda vou zoiar aqui!

  6. Alright then, I may be able to send you any models I stumble across that may look nice in SA; What format(s) would you prefer them in?

  7. Diego we love you,you are very kind <3 Diego i got Storm and Rogue and Phoenix.Diego can you look if there is any Mystique(X-Men) or She-Hulk? Also my friend,you put Sara Walker as Miranda.If you make her hair as black as Miranda's that would be great! I love you diego!!

  8. @MaryseDynasty
    I prefer .3ds or obj that i can import in almost all 3d editor, if it won't make you busy.

    Hey bro.
    There's this Romance versoin of Miranda
    http://www.gtasuperstyle.com/2011/10/gta-sa-miranda-de-mass-effect.html I think it's made by KHOD
    And the normal version:
    I'll make a ME3 version soon.
    Btw i have she-hulk here from UMVC3 i can convert her too.
    BUt mystique i dont have it =\

  9. @Diefo4Fun
    I've managed to find Dr. Eva Corè, and ME3 version of Samara. I was unable to find .3ds versions, but I found .obj versions, if you are able to rig these two I'd be grateful. http://www.mediafire.com/?lqd0r36c00gown0


  10. @Diego4Fun*
    I was able to find Morinth, but she is apperantly in .mesh format/.ascii which according to my reaserch is a format for XNALara, a posing program. There is an importer script for it. if you use 3DS Max that is, if you don't,then just ignore this post :) (I hope I'm not asking too much from you)
    Morinth: http://www.deviantart.com/download/326464853/morinth_by_divalola-d5ed9w5.rar
    3DS MAX .mesh.ascii importer: http://www.mediafire.com/?139hxd1wb2cbf4j