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quarta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2013

[REL]Dead Or Alive 5 Doa5 Christie Leather Costume

Hey guys!
Here's one more girl from DOA5!
Enjoy it!


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  1. brutais as tuas skins!!
    coloca tipo aquilo para o pessoal avaliar o mod.
    como tenho no meu.

  2. You are amazing at doing this,hey could you make samus cause theres any samus at all for san andreas except for zero suit samus which I cant find,I found a samus prime suit skin but it is for gta4.

  3. Great! Do you will do all the DOA5 dlc packages characters?

  4. awesome diego :) (y). can you make Mai Shiranui from KOF? please i need this skin :(

    1. to daniel adam here the model mai shiranui:http://www.mediafire.com/download/bhw0cgvglph9tim/ANIME+LITTLE+SKIN+PACK+BY+DRAGONGHOST88.zip

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  5. Diego you can make model of ada wong nude of the resident evil 6

  6. @viperpatientzero
    Thank you dude!

    @gta san andreas
    Valeuzao meu camarada.
    Eu pensei nisso esses dias, vou ver de por sim!
    Valeuzao pelo comentario meu camarada!

    @ike vaz
    Thank you man!
    I'm workin' on a custom zero suit samus, I think i can also make the original vesion!

    thank you dude.I wanna make them all bro.
    I'll posting them as soon as i get them done.

    Thank you dude!
    Unfortunately i don't have Mai Shiranui model here i think =\
    But check you @Zero Beta link :D

    @Zero Beta
    I'll port that version for sure brother!
    She'll be in my next nude pack!

  7. Man I downloaded your gabriel belmont,its awesome I love castlevania games and you dont know how long I waited for him to be rigged.keep them up!!!!

  8. @keejay
    Yep, i have a few models from Santa pack too. Not all of them but as soon as i find or get them, i'll put them on my project list.

    @ike vaz
    Thank you man,for you kind words!I'm really glad you like it!
    I'm big fan of Castlevania, actually i'm waiting for the new game! It'll have a pc version aswell, so may be we can get more Castlevania models! :D

  9. @Diego4Fun: diego I've got it. sorry for troubling you :)

  10. Im getting it for xbox360 cause my pc cant play handle those games,I dont even know how my pc is able to handle gta san andreas it has a family chipset thingy,I can run nes,snes,nintendo64,psx{playstation1},gba advance and some ds games but cant run games like fallout 3,I tried and I only got to the main menu after that the game shutsdown.