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domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013

[REL]Deadpool The Game Pack v3

Just finished my deadpool the game models pack!
 I pacekd together the models i've released so far, to make things easier.
And they have Normal Maps working :D
Gambit Added.
Fixed Deadpool Floating.
Packed the right deadpool model this time(i think hhehe)




 Deadpool Classic



  Deadpool Ultimate

Deadpool Xforce

 Deapool Xmen

 Deapool Xmen Alt






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12 comentários:

  1. More skin superhero plis,
    Ήέέ,†ђąηk ўσυ

  2. Can you do Ieyasu Tokugawa from sengoku basara 3?

  3. hey i like the skins you make,can you make a rico rodriguez skin from just cause 2
    what else can i say. hmm... well nothing else to say good job on your hard work though

  4. @park lee
    You're welcome dude!
    I'll port more superheroes mods for sure!

    De nada meu camarada fico feliz que tenha curtido!

    @chuck the hobo
    Unfotunately i dont have the game to rip the models and i can't find the model anywhere around bro =\

    Thank you dude. I'm happy you like my mods!
    I had rico a few months ago but i lost it when i had to reinstall my windows =\
    I'll look for the model again.

  5. Gostei, trabalho de muitas horas provavelmente. Mas quem faz por gosto é assim mesmo. Não sou fã destes jogos mas agradeço.
    Modelos de jogo com muita qualidade, parabéns e continua assim!

  6. Não consegui abrir nenhum deles, travou o jogo todo. =(
    Seria o CLEO 3 Library o problema? Preciso do CLEO 4 Library?

  7. hello my dear friend i am Moneymakerstudios and am asking for a kind request to help out with my mod! so can u please help? message me at moneymakerstudios0@gmail.com please thanks!

  8. @cyborg
    Valeuzao meu camarada!
    Grande abraço!

    EU uso aqui o SKin selector com o cleo 3 library brother , não da crash e nem travadas.Você instalou direito?

    @steve desk
    Hey brother.
    What kind of help you guys need?I think i can help you out, depends on what you need.