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quarta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2013

[REL]Remember Me Alexia

Hey guys!
Here's one of the most beautifull girl from Remember me.

Thanks to Mary for Fixin' up the textures!

6 comentários:

  1. Diego tens como converter esta skin para o gta sa http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/el-macho-53405.html

  2. Brutal xD
    olha ja consegui converter uma Skin mexendo com o Alpha xD

    Vai ao meu Blog e vê a Skin do Tony Hawk.

  3. Nice,I know your a busy person and dont have to do what we ask for but could you pretty please import the castlevania mirrors of fate models of trevor,simon,and dracula and also link from skyward sword,if I knew how to do it I wouldnt ask but im stupid for this things and you seem to be one of a few who accept request for gta san andreas,if it troubles you its ok is just that I see there arent many rigs of this games.

  4. I found the zero suit samus,hope for the varia suit one for san andreas.

  5. @Aj
    Vou dar uma olhada no model pra ver qual formato, se der pra abrir aqui eu tento sim!

    thank you dude i'm glad you like it!

    @gta san andreas
    valeuzao meu camarada
    vou la da um confere no tony hawk!

    @ike vaz
    Unfortunately i don't have more models from Castlevania =\
    I'll ask a friend of mine, he has a few of them.
    About link from Skyward sword, i do have the model.
    Actually i put him last week on my project list , to release together with my new map mod!