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segunda-feira, 26 de agosto de 2013

[WIP]Grid 2 Garage

Hey gusy!
Those are my next maps mods to SA.
They're all wip, yet, but DBZ Kamilookout and Dojo are pretty much done, i just need to pack all those files and release them.
Skyrim Mushroom Land still needs more grass and details( don't worry they don't affect your fps ) so after that it's done. Last but not least, Grid 2 garage is almost done, i just need to add a custom gate openable for cars,one moveable door  for peds and a custom savepoint. 
What you do think about them?Suggestion and criticism?
Leave me a comment ;)

8 comentários:

  1. que foda cara, espero que logo saia!

  2. muito bom, como sempre! you are the best !

  3. OMG!! all are really good maps i will wait for them ;) :D

  4. Fu'kk it, you should be back to rigging characters, the thing thay you're really good

  5. nycc ... i suggest if u can add there same car engines around in Garage it well lock moor cool. i also like to have this. if u can meke this Garage like other Garage that allow us Parke car into it that well be awesome...... :)

  6. @gtashnic
    Thanks man!

    Valeu meu camarada, falta pouca coisa pra terminar.
    Acho que não demorará muito!

    @Amorim games
    valeuzao meu brother (Y)

    Thank you dude ^^ i'm glad you like them!

    @Chris Arturio
    No it's not brother, it's a totally new garage converted/ported from GRID 2 game.

    @KeeJay GTA Modding
    DOn't worry about that bro, i'm still workin' on peds xD

    @Play Booy
    Thanks man!
    And nice suggestions i had plans to add a car there, but i'll also, add car engines around there.
    I'll look for cleo tutorials explainin' how to make them a Garage like any other from SA.That you can park there and modify your car.