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sábado, 14 de junho de 2014

[REL]Dead Or Alive 5 Hitomi 1st Cos

Hey guys
Here's one more girl from DOA5. Hitomi 1st cos.



9 comentários:

  1. Man damn you the best rly thanks for DOA mods dude ^__________^""

  2. dude upload dragon ball total mod 1.0 i want genkidama pls pls pls pls pls pls :D

  3. @Devil may cry
    THank you buddy, i'm glad to see you enjoyin' my mods! ^^

    @deniz DMR
    Hey dude, i can't upload it at this moment. It's not finished yet bro, i'm still workin' on the code to make the cleo better,adding more details to it.

    @suwi witwicky
    Thank you man. I'm really glad you liked her!

    1. but we love your mod this style pls hurry up work and finish mod you because you said on gta forums "I want add more mods like kaioken"

  4. Can I request? Serah Farron Valhalla Outfit from Final Fantasy XIII-2, Please?

  5. @rizky rizaldi
    I dont know if i have that model but i'll take a look.
    The problem about FF X series models is the detailed alpha they have and SA doesn't render it very well =\

  6. Great work Diego I love this Hitomi skin
    i hope you add Hitomi to the next skin nude pack hehehe XD
    ,BTW Thanks for do my request ,