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segunda-feira, 23 de junho de 2014

[REL]Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Kasumi Pop Idol/Team D

Hey guys
Here's another Kasumi's outfit from DOA5


8 comentários:

  1. yeah.. Another kasumi's skin... thanks for that, i hope another kasumi skin will come again...

  2. dieggggggo thnxs man nice mod plz dont forget ryu and kokoro mod :\ i will be waiting ^^""

  3. hey diego can u plz make nude skin for this

  4. Diego is on fire!!!!!!!I like this bro!!!

  5. @animotaku
    Hey dude! You're welcome. I'll post more Kasumi skins this week! Actually, a bunch of DOA5 models xD

    @devil may cry
    hey man! You're welcome. I'm glad you like it!
    I just finished Ryu , i'll release this next week!

    @Ixi Zizo
    Hey dude
    Gonna take a look to see if i can port it!

    @Costanzo fan
    I'm glad you like it, buddy! (Y)

  6. dragon ball total mod is not finished true?

  7. waistline on the dress is a bit too high can you fix it???

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