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terça-feira, 3 de junho de 2014

[REL]Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jaycee

Hey guys!
I have been a bit busy lately, but i got this model done!It's Jayce from Tekken series!


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  1. Hey man!Nice to see you back with another good model.Check my comments from bucky section and check my profile because the is a big bug in the face of bucky.Please if you can reupload.I think you dont need a lot time to fix it because you have already rig the model.And if you reupload it put also his superhero name.If you have seen the movie!Please reply to my comment(YOU ALWAYS DO) to tell me if you can fix bucky.

  2. @Constanzo fan
    Hey man!
    Thank you, nice to see you around too. Sorry for the late reply, i just saw your comment.
    It's realy strange bro , because i didn't edit the model/face part so you were supposed to have the same as me. May be it's the enb sereis playin' with lightning/shadows things. The only do try to fix that would be editing the model. I"ll try to do that for ya this week , then, i'll replace the original link.

  3. Thanks diego.I think that maybe is that you say about the lightning and shadows because sometimes bucky looks as yours and when i walk he change.Thanks again diego.

  4. @Costanzo
    You're welcome bro. It should be that, it happens when you have different shaders/renders/enb series. But i'll still need to take a look at the model to see if i can edit the eye part. I think i can do it today later, or may be, for tomorrow.

  5. OK diego.I think that the problem is in all his face(not the hair) but the big problem are the eyes.Take your time bro and when you are ready reupload it!

  6. @constanzo fan
    Thanks for your comprehension dude. I'll take a look at the model today later, then i'll reup it. I hope i can fix it.

  7. Bro. can you reupload Jaycee skin? The link is broke

  8. Can you reupload Jaycee skin? the link is broke