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quarta-feira, 11 de junho de 2014

[REL]Dead or Alive 5 Pai Chan Casual

Hey guys
Here's one more girl from DOA5. Pai Chan Casual outfit!
Because GTA needs more BOOBS!


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  1. Diego nice model and A LOT these days well done.I have four questions (not exactly questions).You answer what you want!!!
    1.I m not asking for bucky because i know you work for this....
    2.Did you find a way how to find lost via domus models?
    3.IF YOU FIND time please make this.He is also from captain america and in talks for agent carter tv series.
    4.You are are the best modder because not only your models are awesome but because you answer to everybody and try have everybody satisfied.So a big thank you!!!

  2. @Constanzo Fan
    Hey Man, thank you! I'm glad you like them. Gonna comment about your questions:

    1 - I took a look at his model yesterday and tried to edit his eyes, but i didn't work very well. I'll try it again in a few minutes, i'll edit the eye ball position then his eye part to try to fix it when you look at his face.

    2 - Not yet bro =\ the only way would be DX ripper . I have found Kate around but she's in a bad position. It'd take a lot of time to put it in pose similar to the T pose ( one of the best to rig models), so i don't know if i'll work on her for now because i have been busy lately because of the FIFA World Cup ( i'm working on the VIP stage here in Maracanã ) but i'll have more free time after the last match.

    3 - Oh that's a really nice model. I didn't see it when i got models from Captain America game,though. Thank you for the link , i just grabbed it and i'll port it for sure, soon.

    4 - You're welcome dude! And thank you so much for your kind words, i really appreciate it. I try to take requests for you guys, because i was once a player that wanted a few models that i couldn't find ,before i started modding. So after i learned it, i always try to get suggestions, requests, to talk with you guys about models etc. Then, we can have nice mods and play a nice game as we always wished. :)