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quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011

[REL]COD MW2 Ghost Ops

Hey yo guys xD
This mod was requested by someone(i dont remember the name =\) sometime ago, so here he's!
Ghost on Black Ops Style xD I really liked the result, was better than i expected. I'll post more Custom Soldiers this week xD

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9 comentários:

  1. @Soap.Mactavish
    No bro it's ghost :S using COD BO soldier body

  2. I wonder if you have skin made ​​of Mactavish COD BO soldier body or other skin with the head of Mactavish

    Mactavish is the best :D

  3. @Soap
    oh now i got it. Sure xD gonna make one head hack usng soap on BO models xD thanks for the ideia!

    thanks mate xD I'll post dempsey today later, at night! xD

  4. Good
    I really want to see that its going to give

  5. Hi dude im back in the game 2 days ago finished downloading the GTA SA (again) and instaled your new skins, dude the new Ghost really kick ass very awesome and when you gonna upload the dragon ball RB2 skin that vegetta looks really cool

  6. @Soap
    xD i'll upload him soon! I'll post a preview first to see what you think!

    hey man! nice to see you back!! XD i'm glad you like that ghost xD thanks a lot!
    Btw i think tomorrow i'll post the RB2 Vegeta Set( SSJ2 SSj3 SSJ4 SSJ5 with the cleo transformation mod). I had rigged all of those again cause i had rigged those from db BT3 xD
    I'll just see if i find some bugs, than they're ready to be released! xD

  7. Dude i think this is the coolest skin i ever seen !!! :D where can i download that ?