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terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2011

[WIP] Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 models

Hey yo guys i have awesome news to all DBZ fans!
Now DB raging blast 2 are extractableee!!!
Here's the first model that i've ripped

Vegeta SSJ3

So i wont work on DB budokai tenkaichi 3 models anymore cause Raging Blast 2 has better HD models and HQ textures!!
I'll release it soon cause i need to rig ssj2 super vegeta to get the vegeta set using cleo transformation mod done!

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  1. :o vegeta is coool!!!!!!! men you are awesome!!

  2. @the_R0cus36
    thanks mate

    ^^ thanks bro.

    SOrry for the delay on Vegeta transformation mod but i hope you understand guys, cause now using models from Raging Blast 2 they'll look much better. Today I'll finish SSj2 and SSJ5( i need to make new hack using this ssj3) than the set its done(cause on Raging blast we don't have ssj4 so i'll use the one from Tenkaichi3)

  3. muy bueno , como se pueden sacar los modelos del videojuego para pasarlos al gta?

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