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terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

[REL]Female Pack 9

Hey guys!!
xD here it's! the 9th version of my female model pack!!!!

Meryl from Metal Gear Solid

Julia from Tekken 6

Lili Rochefort Wedding Costume from Tekken 6

Kelly(the diva) from Smackdown Vs Raw 2011

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  1. where is Asuka Kazama bro,i think she must be in SA,and my favorite character is Bryan Fury >_<

  2. diego thank you that maybe time for me . you said that you have ryu . I think it would be fine would look in the gta . if you can give it to the site I would be you grateful . and one question : how much time it takes you to one skin . I ask because almost every day I see on your blog new work ?

  3. by the way the girls look great especially kelly kelly

  4. salamhan,
    you make import Ryu from SF4 with
    special utility "SF4 Explorer"
    this program extract models and textures

  5. mm .. I didn't know about this program . thank you daywalker I will try it.

  6. Nice Amigo Awesome Mods I Love U :DDD

  7. @daywalker
    I'm planning to convert almost all chars from tekken, but they take time and i don't have so much free time. But i'll keep them comming i think i had extract bryan fury already and eddy!
    And i have Armor King converted!! i'll post him soon!

    Thanks mate!! ^^ about the models they
    usually take me 10 or 15 minutes to make a skin without bug, but those from tekken and soul calibur take me something like 30 minutes to apply all textures(i need to convert the model with half of them applied cuase 3ds max does not suport all of them) than i import it back, apply the others and fix the bugs.but the rest of them, is something about 10 minutes 15 minutes.

    Thanks a lot man ^^

  8. I see. skins can be converted without 3d max?I try to use the program that I advised daywalker. but I do not know how to use 3d max

  9. Meryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyl...!!! men this is great...!!! Meryl in San Andreas... can't wait to see her in action... haha thanks mate...

  10. salamhan,this program convert modelas in .obj format,3ds max open this format
    if your max not open this,try Milk Shape to convert .obj in .3ds max format

  11. if you want create skin for SA in 3ds max,you need kam scripts and video lessons on youtube
    when you try to remave bugs in skelet weight,
    use "abs effect" in 3ds max for fine tuning weight on bones and verticles
    I understand maybe this difficult,but is actually easy

  12. daywalker /well ...... I better study the program 3d max when free time. I still do not know anything about this.

    DIEGO /I voted for Super Baby Vegeta
    it in the lead. you nowe what I mean?:)

  13. @salamhan
    yep yep but cell is winning for now. 1 vote more than Baby vegeta! xD hurry up guys the poll getting near the dead line!

  14. Hi do you speak english? i just wanted to say that i love your rigs, they are done very well and i would like to request some, i was wondering if you could rig Tera Patrick from saints row 2 and Candice Michelle from smackdown vs raw 2008 or 2009, tahnks in advanced :)

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  16. can you try to make a nina williams skin? from tekkenj 6 please so love nina just please email it to me :D

  17. I would like lili with long hair and loose white dress with tekken 6 and tekken tag tournament2 the main