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sábado, 15 de outubro de 2011

[REL]Female Pack 10

Hey yo guys xD
that's the 10th version of my female pack!!!
You'll find inside:
FFX13 Lebrau,FInal Fantasy XIII Serah Farroh,Dissidia 012 Lightning and Lightning Midnight Cloak!!

Dissidia 012 Lightning

Dissidia 012 Lightning Midnight Cloak

Final Fantasy XIII Lebrau

FInal Fantasy XIII Serah Farroh


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  1. hi diego i havent seen your recent post, i was on the the hospital for my arm plaster removal, very good work with the ss5 vegetta looks like you are working on the dragon ball af and want to say your ss5 vegetta rocks like metallica, shit men really REALLY good work, and want to request a fallout 3 or new vegas skin that resemble max rockatansky from the movie mad max or the road warrior and thansk for the vegetta :D

  2. Aweome Skins THX Pliz In The Next Female Pack Make a Maryse For Smackdown VS Raw Plz I love u

  3. @ssnake
    oh bro, it's bad to hear that =\ But it's good to know you're gettin better. =D
    thanks a lot about vegita and dbz mods bro :D i'm glad you like them. About that mad max, i think i had seen a skin like that but i don't remember where.I'll take a look!
    See ya bro keep around!

    Thansk broder, glad you enjoy it. Gonna put maryse on the list xD

  4. hajimemashite... my name is Eru im new here, im japanese so... sorry for my english ;)
    well, diego... i want u to know... that you are the best modder i've ever seen... all of ur models and skin just to great... i've bookmark ur blog and its #1 in my favourite site... yay!

    well, i want to ask u sumthing... can u please make a K-ON!! pack? im dying for searching it and i found... NOTHING!!! absolutely nothing...T.T
    please diego... make my dream come true... :')
    one more time...
    i go to temple and pray for u if u make it... haha... :)

    btw... this is my email


    in case u want anything... or... whatever...

  5. @eru love kei chan
    hello Eru you don't need to sorry for you english ^^ nice to see people from Japan here.Thanks a lot broder i'm really glad you like my mods ^^
    about k-on pack, i have a friend that made one, he's a good modder and i have his blog here on my blog list. If you want the link here it's:
    his name is Encyclo he's a nice guy and you can find more anime models there ^^.
    I'l add you there on my msn so we can talk better there.
    Greetings from Brazil and keep around!

  6. @Diego4Fun

    I dont know what to say... ur my angel... T.T arigatougozaimashita!!!
    i promise i'll go to temple later and pray for u... haha... :D
    hope we can be friend... u are a good guy... ;D

    i go too many site before... i put my comments there... and they just reply sumthing like... thanks or yes... or they dont reply it even once!! what a pain in the azz... =.=
    im glad this site is not like that... i read all the comments here and the atmosphere is so warm and friendly... that's mean... you just success making a great blog... ;)
    conrats mate...

  7. btw, tonight i'll celebrate kei-chan~ anniversary... we'll go to a park... and sit with a candle... hopefully i will get the kiss... XD
    Wish me luck omy friend...

  8. @Eru
    Hey yo broder! thanks mate and you are wellcome =D
    i try to create a nice relation with the users here xD to get theirs requests opinions and etc =D
    i'm happy that you'll be around! And good luck there on ur kei chan!
    btw i added u there on msn! see ya bro!

  9. He yo... its me again.. ;) sorry for not checking ur blog for a week... im so busy... but no doubt... its the best week in my life... ;) see u there on msn... Itte rasshai!!!

    P.S: i went to a temple last wed... and i pray for ur blog... haha =D

    P.S 2: Im lucky with kei chan~ woohoo!!!