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quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2015

[REL]Batman Arkham Knight Harley Quinn Classic DLC

Just finished Harley Quinn classic from Batma Arkham Knight DLC.


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  1. I always liked Haley Quinn, my favourite female character from "Batman" - little troublemaker xD. Great release, Diego; you are really fast at rigging the models to SA.

  2. Very Nice Skin , She Looks Like The Animation Harley Quin With More Reality , I Really Liked This One , Good Job My Friend !!!

  3. @Fan de gta
    Valeuzao meu camarada.
    Acabei de postar a skin do goku que vc pediu ;)

    @fei yak
    Thank you brother, i really like her too. She's so freking funny and scary at the same time xD

    Thank you my friend, i'm really glad you like it.

  4. When I use that my gta is crashed, do you know why?

  5. now all we need in the harley quinn from the story pack dlc