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segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2015

[REL]Marvel Contest Of Champions Spider Gwen

Hey guys
Here's Spider Gwen from MCOC.


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  1. Very Low weight Model. Superb :) Diego

  2. 'Twas lightspeed!! thank you so much Sir! You really are spectacular!! will dl it right away!! :D

    Btw , hope you didn't find me abusive but can I ask what's the take on the venom model from future fight that I've showed weeks ago??
    It's okay if you don't wanna do it, because having Spider-Gwen here is really heart pounding of awesomeness :D Thank you so much once again :D

  3. @xxhind_hawkxx
    Thank you my friend ^^

    @Robin Paulo
    You're welcome dude ;) Glad you like it,It was pretty fast to port, took me about 3 minutes because i had a good model as base to rig this one.
    About That Venom, i totally forgot it because of all those DOA5 Halloween models i have been working on. But i got it done the day after you requested if i'm not wrong.I can release it in a few minutes :)

  4. I cannot thank you enough sir, You are such an amazing (no pun intended lol) rigger, Gwen's crotch had some minor probs but still playable and fanboyable, This means a lot for a Spider Verse fans like me :D

  5. diego vc ja posto esse goku http://www.mediafire.com/view/a09nre6t9e95c4o/dbxv_goku_by_postmortacum-d8n4v76.png

    se ja pode me passar pq eu não achei

  6. @Robin Paulo
    You're welcome dude, i'm glad you are enjoyin'.
    Yeah, unfortunately, ports wil never be perfect since SA engine is pretty old and has less bones than the models now a day. It makes things pretty difficulty to get perfect, specially parts like crotch, leftt and right thigns, skirts and fingers.

    @Fan de gta sa
    AH esse ae ainda não, mas eu tenho o modelo aqui.