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quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2015

[REL]Counter Strike Online 2 Mila

Hey guys
Just finished this girl, from CSO2.


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  1. An Other Nice Skin From Counter Strike , I Really Liked This One !!

  2. CS Ladies looks great in SA, I'm very glad that you released one more.
    Thank you once again, Diego. Awesome work!

  3. @Elpadrino
    Thank you my friend.
    I really enjoyed your idea of using Vito as a player model. I got already the underwear vito on CJ body position and proportions to give it a try. Do you have skype?

    @Fei yak
    Indeed my friend, they're beautiful and look really nice in game.

  4. Sounds great brother , I am really excited to start this works with you , unfortunately i have some troubles with skype and viber the last couple of days because of network problemes , is it ok to use emails or hangouts with you , i have a lot of ideas and lot to talk about .
    Here is my email : elpadrino1935@gmail.com

  5. @Elpadrino
    Oh no problem about skype ^^
    I don't check my mail box , usually so i think the best and faster way to keep in touch with you is our blog ;)
    I made some tests yesterday but i didn't get it workin' in game. I really don't know why but i guess the body parts are different to port than the acessories like hat and hair.Do you have any tutorial about that bro? or do you wanna me to send you the file to you give it a try?

    1. No Problem At All , And About Tutorial , Honestly I Don't Know Everything About Player.Img Modding , But I think ( And Sure ) You Can Solve It , May Be The Problem Is With Mafia 2 Models , They Are A Bit different , Just To Be Sure Try To use A Model Part From The Other Skins To Confirm That the Problem Comes From M2 Models.
      Today I Will Try To Rig Vito's Body , And See What Would Happen , If It Works , then I Will Send the Parts For You , And Some Suggests That I Hope It Helps With Your Works .

      Thanks For Accepting This Work Brother , From Now On I Will Write On The Chat Box ;)
      Take Care Brother ;)