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sábado, 21 de novembro de 2015

[SA||2015] X808 UFO v1

Hello everybody
This is my first vehicle mod for San andreas.It's the X808 UFO from Serious Sam 2. I have also made a nice Cleo script to spawn it in front of Cj if you don't wanna go lookin' for it in game and drop plasma bombs.

*- Rotating part
*-Custom Collision
*-Custom Shadow

Replaces Sparrow Helicopter.

Cleo Keys:
Type D4FUFO to spawn it

While flyin' press RMB and LMB to drop a plasma bomb


8 comentários:

  1. Artic Avenger Counter Strike Source please!

  2. Congratulations My Friend , I Am So Glad To See Your First Vehicle Mod , I Tried It Yesterday And It Was Totally Fun Especialy Plasma Bomb ^^, I Really Enjoyed it , I Hope You Do More For our Game Soon :)

    Thanks Diego , Excellent Work !!!

    1. Sorry For Being Absent For A Long Time , I Did Some Touchs On Vito's Body , I Get Some Parts To Work like His Upper Body And Legs , But The Real Problem Is His Face , I Don't Think I Can Do This Work Bro , I Have Canceled It , I Hope I See A Player Model Of Yours Soon Of Any Character , It Would Be Great !!!
      I Am Still Busy With Some Works , And I am Going To Be Absent For A long Time , I Hope i see Some new Projects As Soon As I Comeback , Thanks And Keep it Up !!!!

  3. Diego Excellent work, it's amazing what you did.
    I have a little problem, I wanted to download these skin but link is broken:http://diego4funzone.blogspot.mx/2012/03/relmodern-warfare-3-prague-civil-6.html, http://diego4funzone.blogspot.mx/2012/10/cod-modern-warfare-3-prague-civil-4-and.html, am I the you could go please?

  4. @Claudio
    Hey dude, i'll try to port that model soon.

    thank you my friend for you work and kind words. Hope to see you back soon.Take your time ;)

    thank you dude xD

    Thank you man. glad you like it and thanks for reporting the broken links. Just reuploaded them.

  5. Não é querendo desmerecer o seu trabalho, que diga-se de passagem é otimo, mas essa nave esta mal feita, refaz ai !

    1. Esqueci de explicar, o modelo grafico dela esta legal e tals, mas pra entrar e sair ta estranho, pra voar tambem, e dependendo do´que vc faz a nave BUGa na parede, em outros veiculos e etc, tentei colocar ela no modelo do helicoptero que pousa na agua, mas CLASHou !