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terça-feira, 3 de novembro de 2015

[REL]Life is Strange Max Pack

Hey guys!!
I really love the characters from LIS and after making a Chloe pack, of course, i'd make a Max one.
 There're 13 models , all of them rigged by me!


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  1. This is an awesome pack bro , well done !!!
    You are so talented my friend , why don't you start a player.img project using your skins , it would be awesome ;)

  2. igualzinho do jogo gostei ta de parabens

  3. @Elpadrino
    Thank you my friend. you're so kind!Glad you like it!
    ABout a player model , i thought about that, but it'd take me forever to get mouths rigged :/

    @fan de gta
    Valeuzao meu camarada. Já terminei o Goku shirtless, normal e ssj! Amanha posto aqui.

  4. It's my pleasure bro , and i am totally agree with you , it will take so much time , and it is hard to apply the mouth and eyes animations , but if you want to start it , i can help you ;)

  5. @Elpadrino
    Oh getting help would make things way faster. Do you have any model in mind? May be even Chloe or max to start?

    1. As You Wish My Friend , I Was Thinking About Turning Vito Scaletta To A Player Model , But I Don't Know if It Is A Good Choice , After All It's Up To You To Choose The Model , And I Will Make My Best To Help You !!!