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domingo, 25 de setembro de 2011

[REL]50 Cent Mafia Boss + Custom Gang Members Mod

I've Finally finished my 50 cent + Custom gang members!!!
I've made some Model Hacks to get these models done!
I ripped Vito from Mafia 2 and use my texture mod(Called Vito The Mafia Boss) and hacked it,putting the 50 Cent head(by Sidney Max) on the body.
After that,used some GTA4 bodies ripped and rigged (by Base5),Sazh Head from Final Fantasy that i've rigged and Josh Stone head from RE5 ripped (by my friend Marco) and,finally, i used one head (Rockmond Dunbar from Prison Break) from the Head Pack ripped (by KHOD).Edited the textures by myself to get how they look now and fixed some rigging-bugs on the bodies. And some hours ago, i saw Therock comment on my chatbox showin' 50cent bug on the head model(bug when the guy ripped the model from the game) and i'v fixed it before i got everything ready for release!
As you can see i put a lot of work on this mod pack to get some customs models that you guys, won't find anywhere elese besides here on my blog.
So if you like/enjoy this mod leave your comment, your suggestion or criticism! They're wellcome!
Now, enjoy it and go kick some a¨%$ usin' these skins!

Credits:Base 5,Khod and Sidney Max.

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