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segunda-feira, 12 de setembro de 2011

[REL]Nude Female Pack 3

Hello guys!!
here's my new nude female pack! You won't find Naked Chell,Naked Serah and Nakd Slanved Trip anywhere besides here on my blog, cause they're custom models made by me ^^! Cause Gta Needs More Boobs
Portal 2 Chell Nude

Enslaved Tripe Nude
FFx13 Serah Nude
Lara Croft Nude
In order to download this pack you have reached the age of majority and the age required to view sexually explicit material and You are accessing this website from a location where sexually explicit content is legal and permitted.
i put a lof ot work on this pack, so if you like it, leave a comment for more!!

8 comentários:

  1. omg i rly dont know what i can say u rly amaaazing

  2. Hi diego i check the files again and i found that the most of the files are ok , the models that are damaged are raven, scuba snake, winter wolf, ninja mask open, meryl normal , liquid shitless and nuke guard, i open it with gmax ; but the others are ok . I just want the importants characters like liquid, meryl, snake, wolf, ocelot and grey fox. I found those models in this link http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1112792-W.I.P.-METAL-GEAR-G-MOD-GARRY-S-GOT-SOLID-! . Try your best plz . btw excellent work with the nude lara she is very sexy , later send you the other link of mgs2 ok . :D

  3. @devil
    thanks man i'm really glad u like it!

    oh thanks for that info bro, cause i was tryin snake in smoking and the nuke guard!
    so i'll take a look into the others one to see!
    i'll check the link too, to get more info about it!thanks again bro

    thanks bro ^^

  4. hi please skins for CALL OF JUAREZ THE CARTEL sorry for my bad english and see you later :D

  5. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    mano isso é aí é pra morrer de fap fap fap fap
    de qualquer forma bom trabalho
    diegoforfun vi teu trabalho por um forum que me trouxe até aqui, trabalho fantástico mas é vc mesmo que faz isso? se for parabéns
    eu já tentei modelar uma vez, mas tss, esses coisas de pc não é pra mim ^^
    vo continuar dando uma olhada aqui no teu blog e estou baixando, mas na verdade vi aqui procurando o skin da excella do RE5, mas acabei baixando vários kkkkkkk

  6. O arquivo ta off, tu tem que reupar ele D: