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domingo, 11 de setembro de 2011

[REL]Female Pack 6

Hey yo guys!
after a good holiday i'm back xD and nothing better to be back bringin' new BooBs!
The reason?You guys know: Cause Gta Needs More BooBs!!!

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Lucy Stilman

Black Cat from Marvel Series

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Lilith

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Morrigan

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I'll post the list of models that'll make next from SmackDown Vs Raw 2011

13 comentários:

  1. Hi diego this pack is awesome i was looking for good models of morrigan and lilith and is very cool that you were working on them :D

  2. @SSnake
    thanks bro =D there were some requests for morrigan and as lilith is pretty much the same body, i decided to convert both of them xD
    glad you like it! Oh btw, i think i'll start worn on MGS models this week ^^ so keep an eye and thank you for that pack!

    thanks a lot man ^^

    thanks my friend xD i think i'll post serah tomorrow xD

  3. Hi diego thanks for answering and want to ask if you can edit .obj files kuz i found and mgs2 pack butt they are in that format, gonna upload to mediafire tomorrow anyways respond me and i give the link, and thanks for take your time to convert those models (finally gonna play with snake in gta XDXDXDXD) well thanks :D

  4. @SSnake
    Hey snake i can edit obj, i have already import it and converted it for san andreas, almost done!
    but those models have some problems =\
    the broken Uv coordinates =\ the textures don't fit it perfectly (it's usually happen when you extract models using 3d ripper) and i don't know how to fix it =\

  5. the link is in problem right now
    can you reupload again?

    Arranges Please

  7. The link is brocken (el link esta roto XD)

  8. Morrigan *------------*
    muito obrigado

  9. Alguma chance de reupar o Pack ou só a Morrigan e a Lilith esta impossível achar essas skins *.* por favor!!

  10. ta impóssibru de achar só achei aqui véi