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segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2011

[W.I.P]Curtis James Jackson III ( 50 Cent) Custom Skins!

Hey guys wasup!?
I recently watched the new movie 50 cent and i decided to do some customs skins using 50 cent!!
so the first one that i'm workin is Cursti James Jackson the Mafia Boss, using one mod that i've made for Mafia 2!!!
DL soon!

Mafia 2 "Vito The Mafia Boss" mod:

Mafia Boss Cursti James Jackson

4 comentários:

  1. dude this is great...!!! u have a great job in this blog... can u make some Red Redemption Extract...? we love the game and John Marston is a grear character and put this character in GTA SA... well sounds amazing...

  2. @Teddy
    thanks a lot bro, But about RDR models, there's no tool to extract it yet, there's one guy workin on that(he can extract some models from the game but not all of them yet) but as soon as he releases his tool, i'll do it xD

  3. men u are the best dude... thanks and thanks again for the lastest models...!!!

  4. @teddy
    thanks bro i'm glad you like it=D