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domingo, 18 de setembro de 2011

[REL]Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac Bronze Saints

hey yo guys! here it's!My favorite anime characters pack!!!!
Ripped the models by myself after a long time waiting!!
all the 5 main bronze saints from the best anime ever!!!
Don't let Saint Seiya die!! \o/ Saint Seiya Forever!!!
I'll convert the gold saints soon!! all of them!!

Pegasus Seiya

Dragon Shiryu

Cygnus Hyoga

Andromeda Shun

Phoenix Ikki


I put a lot of work on this pack! So if you like it, leave a comment!!

15 comentários:

  1. awesome skin , you can do a skin of this girl?


  2. @darkghost
    thanks mate xD
    about that girls they're from K-on(something like that) i have friend that made one pack for san andreas. I'll ask him the link.

  3. @Diego4Fun
    ok,this is my mail,victor_chicoplay_1996@hotmail.com

    yo can send me the link please?

  4. @darkghost
    Sure bro, i just need to contact my friend that made the pack, as soon as i do it, i'll send u the link!

  5. hi bro I'm dragonghost88 my e-mail is javier-ds88@hotmail.com, I will give u the cleo I made to Seiya power

  6. @darkghost
    you're wellcome mate!

    hey man =D
    added u there on mns ^^
    thanks a lot
    see ya

  7. ae diego me arranja os 12 cavaleiro de ouro pra gta sa ae man pf

  8. diego get me the 12 knights of the golden man CDZ

  9. If you want to put my video blog to give an example of this skin pack will be grateful video link below:


  10. Ei amigão tem como me arranjar o link dos 12 cavaleiro de ouro para instalar no meu GTA pois sou Fã do cavaleiro de Camus de Aquário da saga Cavaleiros do Zodiaco valeu meu eMAil razorracks@gmail.com.

    Hey buddy have to get me the link of the 12 gold rider to install on my GTA because I'm a fan of the Knight of Aquarius Camus saga of the Knights of the Zodiac razorracks@gmail.com my email.

  11. D: link off . Please, load the pack again D: Is realy nice , and i like see your skin`s in my gta D:

    PD: sorry my bad english
    PD2: you do any skin of Sailor Moon and the other Sailor?
    PD3: i have a Chaleng for you, if you acept, i realy like a anime name "Bublegump Crysis Tokyo 2040", and i serch all time and nathig, i looke the skin of the Character name "Priss Asagiri" and his armor... if you do not do it, no problem, you have a really colection of skin, realy nice worck, if any skin i take, i leve a commend :) Thank for the skins :D <3

  12. @Diego4Fun you can not make a skin like this http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_YpbKp-SoVdA/SxhooNy3RGI/AAAAAAAAAUQ/rpkumODrvoM/s1600/1527_render_Saint_Seiya_Seiya.png

  13. Would like to ask; do you have the original models for this? I mean as in, a raw non-conversion Saint Seiya models. I'm been looking for these models but couldn't find one. I need it for my 3D render. Please reply if you read this and thanks!

  14. please reupload this skin pack.. because the links are dead.thanks..