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terça-feira, 20 de setembro de 2011

[REL]Female Pack 7

Hey yo guys
this is my 7th Female Pack!
You'll find inside:
Holsom Twins from Duke Nuke Forever,Aya in Black Leather from Parasite Eve and Stella Cash Outfit from Land of Chaos Online .
More females? yeah the reason? you know: Cause gta needs More boobs!!

Duke Nukem Forever Holsom Twin Blue

Duke Nukem Forever Holsom Twin Red

Land of Chaos Online Stella Cash Outfit

Parasite Eve Aya Black Leather


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5 comentários:

  1. Diego....I love your female packs , they're sensational :o)

  2. OMG! Finally someone made the Duke Nukem Forever twin skins! Thanks Diego :)

  3. @togemax @samson

    thanks a lot guys, both of you. I'm glad you like it ^^

  4. hell yeah....!!! new Aya brea...!!! 3rd birthday suck but Aya in PE 1 & 2 is legendary... now finally is going to kick some cops ass in a good game jeje thanks Diego...

    P.D. More female Packs...!!!

  5. @teddy
    xD you're wellcome mate, and more females are on the way !